Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It was my first day of school in Setapak campus, the first day of schooling for degree. I was excited actually but at the end of the day, personal stuff ruined up my mood. The campus was not a big one compare to Kampar campus. It is small, old but it is compact. XD. I saw a lot of familiar faces inside the campus. Maybe they were my secondary schoolmates and tuition center classmate. Several things I hate about this campus are the classroom. The table is so dusty and not comfortable compare to the new campus. Then talk about the cafeteria, only 3 stalls are available for the whole school? And the management indeed bad. UTAR, time to renovate your campus in Setapak and 'renovate' your staff too.

I got some emotional swing due to some personal problem that unable to solve in this short period time. I just pray hard that those life I went through does not fall on me again. God had tested me and I passed. Hope it will be alright soon. Life is not easy in this Earth and I have to survive for myself and those who look down on me before. I going to shut your mouth off one day.

Time to go to school. Although the weather today seem cold, I have to walk a long distance again. Enjoy the breezy day.

Off to school,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New room and new life

I found one room around my study area. At first this condominium is full of dirt, even the living room in this unit. I used 2 days to clean up my room as this area full of dust, so I have to bring my air purifier to this room. And the facilities are not in good condition. However, after few days of staying here, I start to love this room. I love the environment as it is quiet and I can do my study here. The big room that fulfill my privacy and allow me to do whatever I want in room. The night view here is awesome, I can stare at the night view of downtown when I am bored. The night scene of Kuala Lumpur is not that bad too. However I still want to have a look on Melbourne one. :D

I am going to the new campus since I am starting up my undergraduate program. The campus is located at Setapak. It is not that near to my school as I have to walk a distance to catch a bus and walk a distance to school at the bus stop point. I went to the school at the first day of orientation, I cannot come out one word to describe the campus here, maybe suck. Due to the improper organisation and they should improve their management and their interpersonal skill. One in a sudden, I thinking of how nice and beautiful of Kampar campus is. Although it is in rural area, its facilities is better and more complete compare to the Setapak one. However, the campus in Kampar going to FALL. XD

I start to miss some of my classmate in Kampar, they treating me so nice and humble, like one family. And I am always the eldest one. Hope that they are doing fine there and do well for their studies. Hopefully I can get a batch of friend in the coming day in campus.

Off to see the sunrise of KL.
I love you.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

It is a special day for me as I am sitting at my home, not outing to anywhere for this year Christmas celebration. Do people ask me for outing, vacation and even go to town for experience the joy. As my final getting nearer and nearer, I am stressful. The stress able to turn the day to night. (I am just kidding but the way) I admit that I did not put a lot of effort on my coursework and that is why I still have not achieve my goal this semester. Time for me to do a little bit for my result for this final semester of Foundation. Study study study.

I wish I can get a small celebration in town when I am back to KL with my close one. Christmas party, New Year party or even my birthday, maybe. Long time I never celebrate my big day. I still remember the last time I celebrate my birthday when I was in primary school. Looking forward on this year birthday party in KL with Joey Lee. Joey, as I promised you, we will exchange our present. Excited. Then we continue our joy with alcohol. Yeah~

Still a day to go before my first paper starts. Am feeling stress. Time to back to my studies. Ciao.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It is just like spore, it spreads everywhere with the help of wind and anywhere could be their place of growing.

Rumors, an unverified statement or explanation circulating from one to another which is doubtful accuracy. Is like a television series in United State, Gossip Girl, the gossip and talk of returning of Serena from mysterious stay of boarding school. All happening in a school and even city in New York. And I am like the Serena in the drama.

It ruined up my relationships and my reputation as well. Well, for me those talk on me is seriously irritating but funny. There is no evidence to prove those gossip valid and some of them is fabricating themselves. I do not know how to respond to those rumors sometimes. Ridiculous maybe? LMAO. And I believe that all these will follow me until the day I finish my undergraduate. Just try my best to protect myself and my close one.

Whatever it is, just fuck and back off. Speak out to me with evidence before the rumors is true. Clarification that I made now is useless I think. Therefore, being hushed is the best way for shielding myself I guess.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Regain little blogging mode

Oh gosh, it is been a long time I never come to this site. Soon, I will get back to my blogging mode.

This is the last semester for my Foundation program in UTAR, hopefully. And the worst thing is, I having my final during my Christmas and birthday. Gosh, it ruined up my plans. Initially, I planning to celebrate Christmas and my birthday at somewhere else (not at Kampar, indeed). Now I have to study as 2 days after Christmas is my first paper. 5 paper in one row, back to back, However management set me a holiday during my birthday, but the next day they squeezed with 2 papers.

Study study study, forced to postpone my celebration of turning 20. Whatever. I just do not want to screw up my finals and ask to stay another semester for retaking those failed subject (touchwood). I do not want to delay my time of graduation as I am later then others and I can't wait to step in this society.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Tomorrow going to have my last semester for my foundation studies. And it going to be more tougher than previous semesters, I think. Second semester is like a disaster for me. Have been through so many obstacles, not only in studies, but in relationship and friendship too. Am now going to concentrate more on studies in my third semester and hopefully can maintain my CGPA more than 3.00 upon completion of my foundation.

Am enjoying her song, 田馥甄 - 寂寞寂寞就好 (Hebe from S.H.E.), the lyrics is so meaningful. Somehow it can related to my life last few years. This the link of the song, enjoy it.

Good luck for my coming semester and good luck on my life too.

PS: Good luck to you too, on your working.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Eve

Today I have to get enough rest to survive on the following weeks. Next two weeks I gonna stress myself out as the sketch presentation and final are coming. I have to give all my best this time as I have to score a better result than last semester. A 20 minutes sketch, is a comedy sketch that might take me few days to get all of the tools and costume. Final, 5 papers that would kill me, especially Thermodynamics and Organic Chemistry, they are tougher than what I expected at the early of the semester. Really have to work hard on it.

Hope I wouldn't stress out like the threat above, I don't wish to break off and DIE. LoL.

Am a big fans of Beyonce Knowles and I still collecting her solo albums. I have all of her album but I just miss out her 1st solo album - Dangerously in Love. I am craving for it, can anyone sell it to me? Is hard to get it from the market now as it is like 7 years ago when she first launched worldwide. I going to collect Destiny's Child albums as well while searching that album. According to BBC news and World Music Awards, Destiny's Child is the world best selling female group of all time with 50 millions copy with 4 albums. While Beyonce is the legend, the queen of the music industry. With 16 Grammys (3rd most Grammy Awards won by female artist) and she earned 6 Grammys in one days, breaking the record for the most Grammy Award won by a female artist in one night. Do you know that Beyonce Knowles started to sing at the age of 8? She is awesome, and of course Destiny's Child. Can't wait for her next album.


(Where can I get the Dangerously in Love album? Or who can sell it to me?)